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VFD drives are reliable, simple devices frequently used because of their efficiency. While durable, that doesn’t mean they can’t experience problems—and that’s where we come in. Begnaud’s Air Conditioning & Electric is a company serving Youngsville, LA and the surrounding areas. We are skilled professionals that are passionate about what we do; we’ve worked with many different devices over the years, and as such have the experience and skill necessary to provide you with the repairs you deserve. Our professionals are honest, reliable, and dedicated to giving you the best possible service. Backed by over five decades of experience, we are confident we have the knowledge necessary to address just about any need you can imagine.

Need assistance fixing your VFD? Begnaud’s Air Conditioning & Electric is here to help. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.

What is a VFD?

VFDs—or Variable frequency Drives—are drives designed to control the motors of different devices. Variable frequency drives work by converting Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC) internally and then sending it out as variable voltage. The drives do this by:

  • Utilizing special control circuitry, which is what will make sure that power is distributed in the right sequence.
  • Combining the control circuitry with a microprocessor or Digital Signal Processor (DSP), both of which will use an internal logic program to make decisions on how the power is distributed.
  • Changing the voltage and frequency—and, in turn, varying the speed of the motor—depending on the amount of output needed by the device.
  • Keeping the volts-to-frequency ratio consistent to keep from losing torque.

Essentially, a Variable Frequency Drive is like a computer that is designed to perfectly control the torque and speed of a motor.

Allow a Professional to Fix Your Variable Frequency Drive

Generally speaking, VFD drives are incredibly reliable. They’re simple, but effective, and rarely have problems. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t mean that they’ll never have problems—and, often when they do, those problems aren’t related to the drive itself. Some problems may include:

  • Loose connections.
  • Circuitry issues.
  • Faulty programming.
  • Worn-out electrolyte capacitors.
  • Cooling fan failure.
  • Semiconductor failure.

If your VFD isn’t working as it should, then get in touch with Begnaud’s Air Conditioning & Electric. We have extensive experience with VFD drives, and as such can provide you with quality repairs that can have yours working as good as new. When we arrive to address an issue, we will take the time to carefully troubleshoot the problem. From there, we will use our skills, built by years of experience, to address the issue and get your Variable Frequency Drive working again. For example, say that we suspect that there’s an overcurrent fault—a relatively common problem with a variety of different causes. We would start by examining how the motor handles the electrical load, and then work from there to determine the root issue. Or, say that we suspect faulty programming is the problem. We would determine whether the programming was recently updated, reinstall the old programming, and perform other troubleshooting to address the problem.

How Can You Keep Your Variable Frequency Drive from Breaking Down?

Most individuals, understandably, would prefer to avoid problems with their Variable Frequency Drives. Thankfully, you can easily keep your VFD functioning with just a little bit of maintenance:

  • Make sure the drive is dust-free. Most people don’t think much about how dust can affect electronics, but it can be a major issue—and one that’s easily fixed. By keeping dust out of your VFD, you can make sure that it continues functioning properly.
  • Keep the VFD dry. VFD drives, like most electronics, will not function properly if they get wet. Make extra sure that your Variable Frequency Drive is properly protected from moisture to ensure its continued function.
  • Make sure there’s proper ventilation. VFD drives can release a lot of heat. If this heat isn’t gotten rid of, then the unit can quickly become overheated—which, in turn, will prevent it from functioning properly. Making sure that the room is properly ventilated can help disperse the heat and keep your unit running properly.

At Begnaud’s Air Conditioning & Electric, we can provide you with general maintenance and repairs to keep your VFD running. In addition, we can provide you with advice on how best to keep your Variable Frequency Drive in good condition so that you have to worry less about repairs. No matter the problem, we’re able to handle it.

See Why Begnaud’s Air Conditioning & Electric Is One of the Best in the Business

Begnaud’s Air Conditioning & Electric is a company that’s committed to providing you with excellent service. Our professionals have over 50 years of experience in the industry, and as such know exactly what needs to be done to address a wide range of issues, from programming problems to overheated drives. We have outstanding work ethic, and will arrive promptly, work diligently, and pay close attention to the details to make sure that the job is done perfectly.

What sets Begnaud’s Air Conditioning & Electric apart from our competitors is our care for our customers. We are incredibly passionate about helping others, and will always go above and beyond to provide our clients with outstanding service. At Begnaud’s Air Conditioning & Electric, we treat our customers as if they were members of the family—which means that you’ll get the same level of care and attention we’d want for our own loved ones. With our assistance, you can be confident you’ll get the assistance you deserve.

Begnaud’s Air Conditioning & Electric can help anyone near the following areas:

  • Youngsville, LA
  • Milton, LA
  • Scott, LA
  • Broussard, LA
  • Carencro, LA

We offer 24/7 service, so we’re able to assist you the moment you need help. If you need someone who can help fix a problem with your VFD, then consider giving us a call. We’d be happy to discuss our services with you today.

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  • Gotta tell everyone just how great of a job these guys did for us. Showed up quickly, got me up... read more

    Walter Bergeron

    Fast and professional, not looking to just make money off of you. Had my unit swapped out before i got... read more

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  • As president of a condo association, i needed an electrician to repair and replace light fixtures around our condo complex.... read more

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